Carbonear Long-Term Care

a desire for optimum energy efficiency

The desire for optimum energy efficiency informed the facility’s design and what resulted was a perfect blend of form and function.

The new Carbonear Long Term Care consists of a four-storey, 250 bed patient residence and a support services building. These are connected with a link to the existing Carbonear General Hospital. Food and laundry services in the new residence will also serve the existing hospital, while the support services building will accommodate staff offices, receiving docks, materials storage, garbage disposal and recycling.

Size Location Completion

The Carbonear Long Term Care Facility measures 18,500m².


The long term care facility is located in Carbonear, NL, which is on the east coast of Newfoundland.


The Carbonear Long Term Care Facility was completed in 2015 and is currently being occupied and providing a valuable service to the area.

The wellbeing of residents, staff, and visitors was central to the building’s design, which is targeting LEED Silver. Resident rooms and other regularly occupied spaces feature extensive natural lighting, while the selection of finishes struck a careful balance between the often competing requirements of infection control, material life-cycles, maintenance, cost, aesthetics, and occupant comfort.